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Ferrochel® Gentle Iron

VENTURE has 45mg
of Elemental Iron per serving


Ferrochel® is a patented iron that carries no electrical charge, which means it is easier to absorb, does not cause gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, constipation, and cramping, and less likely to block the absorption of other nutrients, such as vitamin E, Ascorbic Acid, and Calcium. Because Ferrochel® is a neutral molecule, it does not break down in stomach acid and is delivered intact to the intestine, where it is easily absorbed.


Immune Health & Beauty

Energy Generation & Oxygen Delivery

Antioxidant Protection

Brain Performance & Motor Functions

Methylated B Vitamin Complex

VENTURE contains 250mcg Methyl B12 and 800 mcg Methyl Folate


Methylated vitamins are nutrients in their active state. They help provide energy, balance hormones, limit homocysteine levels, and helps alleviate mental fog and depression. Overall, they have a hand in nearly every body function from brain chemistry to the nervous system.

About 30% of the population has what’s called a MTHFR mutation, which causes the body to struggle with the methylation process. When taken as a dietary supplement in their active methylated state, the body can fortify its functions without having to methylate on its own.


Regulates Brain Chemistry

Regulates Response to Stress

Promotes Healthy Immune Function

Improves Capacity to Detoxify

Spirulina Plant Powder

VENTURE contains 50 mg Spirulina


Spirulina is a potent source of phyto nutrients and plant based protein that has been shown to have antioxidant, pain-relief, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties.
Spirulina is alkaline and high in nucleic acid. Each human cell has a cell nucleus and are 2 types: DNA& RNA. Spirulina contains both, which are necessary for cells to renew themselves. Spirulina is an alkaline food with a pH of 18, helping counteract the effects of modern acidic-driven dietary lifestyle.


Promotes alkaline body

Potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant

Aids in weight loss

Improves melatonin levels naturally

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

VENTURE contains 100 mg Aloe Vera Extract


Aloe Vera contains over 200 nutrients that help support your health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals; provides 20 essential amino acids and many digestive enzymes, sterols, and Saponins. It supports the joints helping engaging in everyday activities comfortably, promotes better digestion and balances stomach acid levels, helps maintain blood sugar levels, and protects against oxidative stress.


Potent Antioxidant

Aids Digestion

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Healthy Gastrointestinal Mobility

Rhodiola Root Powder

VENTURE contains 50 mg Rhodiola Root Extract


Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb with fat-burning, energy-enhancing and brain-boosting power. It can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress. Rhodiola is mostly used for improving work performance and endurance while fighting insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression.


Decreases Stress and Fatigue

Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Improves Exercise Performance and Brain Function

Kelp Powder

VENTURE contains 100 mg Kelp Powder


Kelp is a seaweed that contains disease-fighting abilities and nutritional benefits as it is a rich source of iodine, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and proteins. Kelp may also improve diabetes, reduce blood clots, and helps with weight loss.


Supports Production of Thyroid Hormones

Potential Cancer-Fighting Properties

Help Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Helps contribute to healthy, younger-looking skin


VENTURE contains 50 mg L-Citrulline


Amino acid mainly found in watermelon, onions, garlic, nuts, and chickpeas. L-Citrulline is integral in the urea cycle, a process that eliminates ammonia from your body; a by product commonly seen in extreme weight loss and other metabolic diseases. It also increases levels of nitric oxide, acting as a vasodilator.


Reduces Blood Pressure

Helps Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Supports Muscle Growth

Enhances Exercise Performance

Jerusalem Artichoke

VENTURE contains 100 mg Jerusalem Artichoke


The key factor of Jerusalem Artichoke in our formulation is that it has positive effect in maintaining a steady stream of energy; it prevents sudden energy spikes or crashes, allowing you to perform at your best all day long. It also contains high amounts of inulin helping maintaining blood glucose levels and healthy gastrointestinal system.


Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Reduces Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Enhances healthy GUT

Prevents Premature Aging


VENTURE contains 50 mg Alpha GPC


Alpha GPC is a naturally occurring compound derived from soybeans and is famous its ability to improve cognition due to high amounts of Choline. As a phospholipid, it can interact directly with cell membranes, increases growth hormone release and improves physical performance.


Enhances Cognitive Functioning

Enhances Performance and Power Output

Improves Muscle Recovery

Supports Growth Hormone Production

Vitamin D3

VENTURE contains 75 mcg (3,000 IU) of Vitamin D3


Vitamin D is a vital nutrient needed for optimal bone health, immune health, and for reducing inflammation in the body. The latest World Health Organization reports indicate that between 40-50% of the world’s population do not get enough vitamin D and is estimated that 1 billion people have severe vitamin-D deficiency.


Antioxidant and Anti inflammatory Benefits

Vitamin D is responsible for the producing proteins that reduce stress, help the body fight infection, and reduce inflammation. Many of the top antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods such as olive oil, spinach, walnuts, and salmon are a great natural sources of vitamin D.

Improve Lean Muscle Mass and Strength

Vitamin D may also help with energy output during workouts, increase lean muscle mass over the course of a year. Muscle tissue has special receptors for vitamin D that enable the nutrient to strengthen muscle fibers and help facilitate recovery from cellular damage.

Help Counteract the Effects of Insulin Resistance

Vitamin D helps decrease hunger and overeating associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Healthy Testosterone Levels

In men, vitamin D can greatly raise internal testosterone levels that prompt weight loss.

a powerful multivitamin

Nourish while following modern diet modalities, enjoy undeviated energy during long work hours or during exercise. Fill gaps during extreme weight loss and body transformation efforts. Or may be simply on those cheat days.

endless benefits

reporductive health

High dose of methylated B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants


Highest dosage of bioavialable micronutrients for stronger hair follicles, nails, and radiant skin

Energy and focus

Daily dose of Rhodiola Root Powder, GPC, and L-Citrulline for undeviated energy and focus.

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