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Nutrition Information

Nutrition Facts


Is Venture ideal for me?

VENTURE is ideal for customers engaging in diet plans that are restrictive in nature; either with the avoidance of food groups, avoidance of food quantity, time restricting meals, or any combination. Common diet plans include ketogenic, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free. Food quantity measures could be a personal choice to measure foods, after bariatric surgery, or placement of gastric balloon. Time restricting plans could be by following a detox diet plan, intermittent fasting, or a long term fasting that lasts 24-48hrs. Venture is also ideal for customers engaging in fitness activities as your nutrient needs for muscle recovery are a must.

Is Venture suitable for men and women?

Yes, the VENTURE is suitable multivitamin supplement for both men and women 18 years and older and are proud to offer a supplement that is gender neutral.

Research statistics confirmed that the majority of nutrition deficiencies are across both genders.We believe there is no need to take multiple supplements to target different body systems. Life can be complex, which is why we have crafted the most simple but yet complete multivitamin supplement.The supplement industry sells a variety of individual supplements to improve specific areas of your body.

Trust VENTURE and its efficacy in fulfilling your body in a one complete and simplified formula .Due to therapeutic dosage, you can Trust VENTURE in helping you maintain adequate electrolytes to prevent keto flu symptoms, energy drain, food cravings, hair loss, and thinning of nails, fatigue, and anxiety.

Can I get the same nutrients from a balance diet?

VENTURE formula includes ingredients that cannot be found in effective amounts through food alone given modern lifestyles and health disparities. One example is Vitamin D3. NIH statistics confirms that 135 million of Americans have Vitamin D deficiency, 10+ million of Americans have iron deficiency, and 98M have Americans have MTHFR mutation which requires methylated B vitamins on a daily basis. Numbers are similar internationally which confirm nutrient deficiencies to be global issue.Trust VENTURE to be your daily multivitamin supplement routine that takes your health to the highest level.

Is Venture organic?

VENTURE takes nutrients beyond the organic classification. Our therapeutic ingredients are powered by the best science to offer outstanding delivery systems, bioavailability, stability, and efficacy. VENTURE ingredients are more easily absorbed, meaning the body is able to use nutrients faster and at a deeper cellular level. We over exceed the true definition of a supplement.

Is Venture Vegan?

VENTURE is considered vegetarian but not vegan due to Vitamin D3 being derived from animal sources. Please contact us if you are interested in starting Venture and follow a vegan diet. To Evolve is our mantra.

Do you have certificates of safety?

Every ingredient in VENTURE is fully certified in the USA and International. All ingredients are manufactured to a GMP (Good Manufacturing Standard) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved facility in the United States. Ferrochel patented Iron is approved by the FDA. We also have third party laboratory tests performed that confirms purity and strength.

Is Venture suitable for children?

VENTURE is only suitable teenagers 18 years and older only.

Taking Venture

Can I take Venture with other vitamins?

VENTURE has been formulated as a complete supplement, to provide nutrients that cannot be obtained from modern diets such as ketogenic, vegetarian, and calorie restrictive lifestyles as well as to help improve medically diagnosed deficiencies such as Vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin B12, and Thiamin deficiency. Yes, you may take other vitamins not contained in the Venture formula such as Omega-3 and probiotic supplements. Always seek advice from your healthcare provider.

VENTURE contains 45mg Iron. Calcium might interfere with the absorption of iron, although this effect has not been definitively clinically established but there is strong scientific evidence. For this reason, Calcium is not a part of the VENTURE formula and we recommend taking individual calcium at least 1-2 hours apart.

Can I take Venture with prescription medications?

Yes, VENTURE is safe to take with prescription medications. Our custom supplement provide your body with maximum nourishment to help reach a lean body and meet your fitness goals, fight disease, and restore your body in times of illness.Scientific evidence shows Vitamin K interactions with some prescription medications, reason is not included in our formulation. We always recommend to consult your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Can I take Venture after bariatric surgery?

Yes, VENTURE exceeds ASMBS guidelines after bariatric surgery. In addition to meet bariatric specifications, it stands out from other bariatric multivitamins since it contains methylated B vitamins, which are the best absorbable form important to prevent B12 and Thiamin deficiency. It also contains Ferrochel Iron different from any other bariatric brand. In addition, no other bariatric multivitamin contains our unique whole foods blend that fights tiredness and sluggish feeling while on rapid weight loss. Trust VENTURE in your weight loss journey if you are planning or had weight loss surgery.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

If you do miss a dose, simply continue taking the recommended dose when you are next due to take the next one. Avoid taking more than 3 capsules/day. If you find yourself forgetting on a daily basis, we suggest taking 2 capsules at once in the morning time and 1 capsule in the evening.

Why Venture uses Patented Ferrochel Iron?

Patented ingredients have special qualities such as purity, bioavailability and nutrient stability, which sets our multivitamin apart from other lower quality brands.Iron is an essential nutrient and research shows to be one of the most common nutrient deficiencies worldwide. The problem with many iron supplements on the market is that it causes an upset stomach, nausea, and constipation. For this reason we have chosen Ferrochel®. Ferrochel iron is gentle on the stomach and has shown to be the best absorbed compared to other iron salts. VENTURE multivitamin also contains 45mg compared to 25mg from other lower quality multivitamin supplement brands.

Is 3,000 IU Vitamin D3 (75MCG) a day too high?

3,000 IU OR 75mcg Vitamin D/day is within the range of many leading medical experts and clinical institutions. Several studies reported a rapid growth of vitamin D deficiency among pediatric and adult populations globally in the past decade and many countries are currently recommending Vitamin D supplementation to all infants, young adults, men, and women. The benefits of Vitamin D supplementation surpass low toxicity risk that can be evaluated by your healthcare provider, which we suggest discussing your supplement regimen with your practitioner.

Does Venture have amino acids?

Yes, L-citrulline is an amino acid, a component of proteins. Your kidneys change L-citrulline into another amino acid called L-arginine as well as produces nitric oxide. They are important to your heart, blood vessel, and boost your immune system. L-citrulline is also a safe option to ease symptoms of mild-to-moderate ED and supports an active lifestyle.

Will I experience any side effects?

VENTURE is not a medication, it’s a supplement that does not elicit side effects. We have specifically selected powerful ingredients based on safety and science-based efficacy that promotes un-deviated energy without jitters. We have formulated our supplement caffeine free for that reason.

Can I take Venture with caffeine?

We recommend taking VENTURE within 1 hour of caffeine intake. Caffeine is a mild diuretic that may cause nutrients to pass through the digestive system faster than usual that may lead to less absorption of high-quality ingredients. For best results take with a glass of water, coconut water, alkalized water, or caffeine free beverage.

Why am I seeing changes in the color of my urine?

Yes, the color of your urine may have a dark yellow color or bright neon yellow color and there is nothing to worry about. This is normal when taking supplements and is the result of excess B vitamins being excreted.The yellow urine doesn't mean you aren’t absorbing them but a clever way of maintaining homeostasis. The neon color comes from Vitamin B2, which contains flavins, a naturally occurring bright yellow pigment.Vitamins A, D, E, K are fat-soluble and others are water-soluble such as all B vitamins and vitamin C. The fat-soluble vitamins can be stored in your body for future use but the water-soluble vitamins can’t, which means that excess you don’t need will be excreted in your urine on a daily basis.


Pricing and Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

Payments are accepted via credit card, debit card, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Accepted credit cards are Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and Elo. In the United States you may use Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts. Be advised that your bank may deny your order transaction and is out of our control. You may purchase the product with a different bank account and submit your itemized receipt to your HSA or FSA for credit.

Pricing & Payments:

Prices may be displayed in the currency of your preference. For all purchases outside the United States, while the prices on the website are quoted in USD on the checkout, the final payment will be converted to your local currency on your credit card statement by your bank, and international payment fees may be charged by your financial institution. We make the best attempt to include applicable dues and duties, however, we are unable to advise final dues, and we strongly encourage you to source this information prior to placing an order.


Sustainable Packaging

Our signature packaging is inspired by a modern minimalist lifestyle, environmentally friendly, and with customer's confidentiality in mind. The boxes are made of 40% recycled fiber and filling is 100% compostable, which significantly reduces carbon footprint.

What is your fulfillment process?

Order fulfillment is processed in the United States within 1 -3 business day Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm  CST, timeline that does not include Weekends or Holidays. Our process starts when we receive the payment and order confirmation and ends when the carrier receives your order for shipment. At time of dispatch, we will send you a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking information. Sometimes these emails can end up in your spam folder or “promotions” tab in Gmail. If you can't find your shipping confirmation email, try searching your inbox for all emails from Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected to answer delivery questions. You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

What are your delivery zones?

We offer worldwide delivery services and will make the best attempt to serve you. An easy way to ease check-out process is to choose your currency in the field designated at the upper right corner or at the bottom of your screen. Yes, we deliver to P.O. Boxes in the United States and US territories.The delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, or DHL). 

What are your shipping timelines and shipping fees?

Due to COVID-19 expect delays in delivery timelines. Feel free to contact us at for inquiries.

Economy Shipping:

US domestic 5-8 business days; US overseas 7-10 business days; International 6-18 days depending on destinationEnjoy complimentary shipping on all orders. Includes on-demand orders and subscription orders. 

US & US territories: Free

International: Free

Additional Shipping Services: Enjoy a simplified flat rate fee on all orders. Includes on-demand orders and subscription orders. 

Standard Shipping: 3-4 business days within US & territories ; 6-12 days international US & US territories: $ 8.99

International: $19.99

Expedite Shipping: 1-3 business days within US & territories; 1-5 days international

US & US territories: $15.99

International: $39.99

Additional International Shipping Fees:

Orders are fulfilled in the United States. The customer is responsible for additional fees and duties applied for international shipping as they are excluded from our flat rate shipping fees. 

Order Tracking

How can I track my order?
Communicating with us

We offer a tracking system through our website to ease your search. If you are unable to access your order, no worries, we’ll find it. For the quickest update, we recommend emailing our team at Our team is available to help Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST.

My order is marked delivered nut I have not received. What happened?

It may happen at times that the order was marked delivered but not received. Carriers may have mistakenly marked as delivery. It’s not uncommon for a shipment to experience some delays when carriers are overwhelmed or for a carrier to mark an order delivered and not have it arrive until the next day. We apologize for the inconvenience and if your order still hasn’t arrived 48 hours after it was estimated or marked as delivered, contact us at


What is your return policy?

We accept returns and exchanges for unused, sealed products that are in re-saleable condition. As our products are ingestible, we are unable to accept returns of opened or used products.Making a return or exchange for a product purchased is simple. Simply send us your unopened product(s) back to us within 30 days of receiving your order together with a copy of your order confirmation. Please notify us of your intention to return to ensure it is processed in a timely manner. Please note shipping a return is at your own cost and we are unable to refund your original order’s shipping cost. Customs duties, taxes and fees are non-refundable. However, you may be able to recover these by contacting your local customs bureau directly.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Please ensure your order is correct prior to placing as we are limited in our ability to amend orders once they have been placed. Our customer service team will do their best to accommodate any changes; however please be aware this is not always possible. To start that process, contact us at straight away.

My product arrived damaged. What can we do?

If an item arrives damaged, please email us at within 7 days of receipt so we can replace it as soon as possible.

When can I expect a refund?

Refunds will be processed once the return has been received and processed at the respective warehouse. Notifying us of your return prior will ensure we are watching out for your return so it can be processed as efficiently as possible. Refunds are processed back to the method of payment used when placing your original order (either Credit Card, PayPal or Afterpay). Some refunds are instantaneous, while credit card refunds can take up to 2 weeks from processing to be visible on your credit card statement, depending on your financial institution. Once your return has been processed, you will receive a confirmation via email.